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The Schools

Here are the schools currently involved with the Channel Islands Student Business Challenge. You can find more information by visiting the links below.

  • Beaulieu

    Founded by Sisters from the Order of the Immaculate Conception, Beaulieu first opened its doors on 15th January 1951 with 56 students. Since its opening the School has continued to thrive and grow and now has over 760 students aged 3–18.

    While our expectations are high and our academic achievements consistently impressive, we strive for a broader experience for our students, establishing a strong foundation from which to build a successful and rewarding life.

  • Grainville, Jersey

    We are very proud of our school community and the achievements of our students and staff. At Grainville we set high expectations in all that we do, to provide students with a learning experience that best meets their individual hopes and aspirations. In our caring school community students are inspired, motivated and challenged to fulfill their potential, always striving to achieve their very best. We provide a safe, secure and happy environment where everyone can learn and develop their skills necessary for life in the 21st Century.


  • Grammar School, Guernsey

    The Guernsey Grammar School is an 11-18 mixed, selective school. The school serves the island of Guernsey and, having opened in 1985, combines the strengths of a strong academic record based on traditional foundations with an approach which seeks to develop the whole person and prepare young people for life and work in the 21st Century.  Aspirations and expectations of Grammar School students are high.

    Guernsey Grammar school has a reputation for being a happy, friendly, stimulating and caring environment in which everyone is given the opportunity and support to be successful and reach their full potential.  A noted feature of the school is the friendly atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect, and the supportive relationships among all who work there.  

  • Haute Vallee, Jersey

    We are a school with high expectations and we set ourselves and our students ambitious goals. We take great pride in developing regular links with our parents and the wider community and we create opportunities wherever possible for students to participate in community life and events. Our school is friendly, welcoming and supportive, and we expect all students to model these values throughout their time with us.

    We are committed  to creating outstanding opportunities in which all learners can thrive and develop their many talents. We are also committed to providing a safe and happy learning environment, one in which our students can fully develop their potential, will grow in confidence and will enrich and make a difference in the wider community for many years after leaving us.

  • Jersey College for Girls, Jersey

    Founded in 1880, JCG has been at the forefront of girls' education in Jersey for over 125 years and has a well deserved reputation for academic excellence and service to the island community.

    Our students thrive on expert teaching, state of the art facilities and a vast range of extra-curricular, enrichment and expedition activities. They are enterprising, friendly and ambitious and they have wonderful purpose, energy and sense of service to others. Our staff care and are dedicated, creative and talented. Our exceptional academic results are a testimony to the personal and collective success of all at JCG. 

  • La Mare de Carteret, Guernsey

    La Mare de Carteret High School provides the very best in offering all students a personalised learning journey. With excellent teaching and learning, guidance and wellbeing support from our dedicated staff, all of our students will achieve their potential.

    Our ethos as a school is to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to develop their individual talents and aptitudes within and beyond the classroom. High quality teaching and learning is at the core of our ethos and it is delivered by dedicated, professional, specialist teachers. We believe that our students have the right to expect the highest quality of education. 

  • Les Quennevais

    We place the students and their needs at the centre of everything we do. We pride ourselves on the deep levels of support and guidance we offer to our students and place equal emphasis on the importance of developing young people who have a clear sense of purpose and an active moral conscience. We expect our students to behave as responsible citizens who will make a positive difference in the society of today and of tomorrow.

    We have high expectations of behaviour and we are proud of the excellent relationships we forge with our students, parents and members of our community.

  • St Sampson's High School, Guernsey

    St Sampson’s High School Guernsey, is a community of learning, enjoyment and opportunity.  We work hard to ensure that all our students have the experience of a positive, well-ordered and friendly environment.

  • Victoria College, Jersey

    Victoria College is a very special School with a proud history and a commitment to traditional values.  All our teachers are dedicated to helping the boys learning skills, their creativity and their ability to work independently, equipping them for an ever changing world.  We have a strong academic tradition which is underpinned by a caring pastoral system.  The House structure provides a real sense of identity and we firmly believe in providing an eclectic mix of co-curricular activities.  We encourage all our students to contribute fully to the life of the School and to make the very most of the opportunities available. 

    We strive for excellence in all that we offer but, more significantly, we aim to ensure that all boys leave us as well rounded, balanced individuals.  

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